Be Street Smart Every Day

Because street smarts are so important to every part of your life, here is a quick review of the
major elements that go into street smarts. Print this list out and keep it with
you, for a regular reminder to be street smart every day.

I. Heightened Awareness

A. Trust your intuition

B. Develop perceptiveness and ability to anticipate

C. Size up people quickly and accurately

D. See the big picture

II. Confidence

A. Fake it till you make it

B. Use chutzpah when necessary

C. Believe in yourself – Be confident

III. Healthy Skepticism

A. Don’t believe everything you see and hear

B. Be hard to take advantage of

C. Use your “mental categories” and generalizations to keep you on

D. Give people the time and rope to either hang themselves or prove their

IV. Resourcefulness

A. Think quickly on your feet

B. Be persistent

C. Be prepared

D. Be flexible

E. Change your surroundings or adapt

F. Surround yourself with experts & contacts

V. Risk-taking

A. Be willing to take risks

B. Minimize the possible down side

C. Cut your losses and get out if you’re wrong

D. Learn by your mistakes