Dr. Tony Alessandra Blog

Once you know your mission and goals, that’s the time to get down to doing it. Create and apply your goal setting theory. It’s so in every field or endeavor.

  • Writers must sit down and write
  • Sales people must sell
  • Managers must manage
  • Painters must paint.

Too often, though, people are locked into habits that prevent them from moving ahead and applying your own goal setting theory. They re-live yesterdays, they invent excuses, they procrastinate, they doodle in the margins of life’s tablet instead of seeking to write their signature boldly.

So don’t give up on your dreams but, instead, pursue them with passion. Set goals for yourself – and achieve them. Expand your horizons. Develop a lingering hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut – get out there and explore, just do it!

So how are you creating your future?

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