Tell Us What You Are Doing To Exercise Your Intellectual Muscle and We Have a FREE Gift For You!



Read the previous blog before you read our offer!

OK, now that you are caught up, let me explain our offer.

Tony would like you to email him at and let him know what you ARE doing to exercise your intellectual muscles. Are you taking a class? Have you learned a new skill? Have you decided to go to meetings wherein there is a speaker and you have a chance to discuss the issues brought up at the meeting? What HAVE you been doing to improve yourself and exercise your intellectual muscles?

Let Tony know in an email and he will be publishing the results. It is his hope that what you are doing will serve to inspire others to try to improve themselves and open up to the possibilities that new activities can provide.

Deadline is August 12th and those of you who participate will be sent a special FREE gift! No tricks, no selling….just a thank you for sharing your story.

So, let’s hear from you soon! Write Tony an email and let him know what you are doing to exercise our intellectual muscle! Thanks, Tony is  waiting to hear from you! And when you do email him, we have a FREE gift for you: Goal Setting – 34-page PDF eWorkbook Description: “Most people aim at nothing in life. . . and hit it with amazing accuracy.” This interactive 34-page e-Workbook covers several influences on one’s life that can be positive or negative depending on the individual as well as the introduction of several suggested processes to follow that can lead to both a more successful career and a happier life in general.

So let’s hear from you-just drop Tony an email and receive this great workbook FREE! We would love to hear from you!