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Guess who’s getting hired these days?

Now, no one needs to tell you how rough it’s been in the job market the past few years.  You already know that.  We all know that.  If you’re not unemployed yourself, count yourself lucky but chances are you know someone or several some ones who are.  So who is getting a job?

We all have heard about the jobs being created and are painfully aware of those that are not.  So in the midst of this recession, who do you think is getting hired?  Here’s a hint:  if you’re 55 or older you’re going to love this.  You guessed it!  It’s the 55 and older crowd, the Baby Boomers!

The Employee Benefit Research Institute released its report recently stating that increasing unemployment, current hiring practices and hiring policies has not kept the older worker out of the job market. In fact, the participation rate for professionals 55 years and older actually increased during much of this recession, until recently when it leveled off. Increased participation for older workers is seen for both men and women. As you might expect, work force participation for other age groups — especially youths — have lost ground since the beginning of the recession.

Despite the recent slump, the increase of the Baby Boomers in the job market is more than likely a long-term reality and a result of modified hiring practices and hiring policies. This same group represented only 29% of the workforce in 1993.  It reached a high of over 40% in 2009 and that’s the highest it had been in over 37 years!  Although it leveled off at this point, it’s held at 40% into 2011.

That’s good news for Boomers but, as you might have guessed, it’s not a cake walk for the 55 and older crowd. There are challenges, some big ones, but that’s the topic for another blog.

What have been your experiences with current hiring practices and hiring policies – personally or with friends and family?