Time Management-Paperwork and Calls!


Managing the Intangible – Time: Handling Paperwork & Calls

Stop and think about it; few things are as valuable as “time”.  One can achieve great success, fortune, friendship, and love but time rules all of these. We control our achievements in life.  We can expand them or reduce them. We can set our sights on earning more money or connecting with others and expand our circle of those closest to us.  But time, is time. We simply cannot make more of it than there is. Each of us has a finite amount of it and its value is ever increasing.

The good news is in spite of its illusiveness, time can still be managed. We can choose to see time as a controllable commodity and live our lives according to that assumption. This is one of the secrets of successful people ‑ they work at shaping those things which others think are uncontrollable. There are a number of ways to manage our time.  How you handle paperwork and calls can and should be managed carefully.


Try to answer any correspondence immediately. After you’ve read the letter, write your reply on the back if you are away from your computer and type it as soon as possible.

The other mail you receive should be dealt with in the same way. Act immediately on whatever you can. If you receive a magazine, peruse it and clip out articles you intend to read. Try categorizing your reading material into three groups: articles you must read soon, articles you should read, and articles that would be nice to read. Clipping the article makes it more accessible.

Adopt a policy of picking up paperwork only once. This means you should not look at something and put it back down where you found it. It’s much wiser to take some form of action on the item. Decide what to do with it and move it along to the next step toward completion.


The telephone is, of course, one of life’s greatest time savers. It saves time over writing letters, making trips, and meeting with people. It can also be a great time waster. To avoid spending more time than necessary in calling people back, follow these suggestions:

l. Determine the best time of day for you to return calls.

2. Prepare information in advance when you call back. You can pull files and gather documents which you’ll need to answer questions. This is obviously a time saver to you.

3. Curtail the length of your calls, when and where appropriate.

4. Be organized. List the questions or topics you wish to discuss and have them in front of you.

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