APPLYING Spiritual Genius

Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King were both spiritual giants. While
it may seem difficult to see yourself in those terms, there is a lot to be
learned from them – a lot that can be applied in your own life.

Spirituality is looking beyond the material dimension of your life and
discovering something that’s intangible but very important. I want to emphasize
the importance of at least connecting with the spiritual power in yourself –
especially because, in the world we live in, that isn’t something that will
happen by itself. There’s a reason why you’re here, and you have a spiritual
purpose you need to accomplish – one of your life’s most important tasks is
finding out what that is.

For Martin Luther King, it was trying to live up to his own standards as leader
of the Civil Rights Movement, even while wondering whether he was capable of
it. With this in mind, what are the spiritual goals you can set for your own
life? What do you want to accomplish at the level of your soul?