Job Interview: The Hiring Process

Charisma: How it applies to the job interview & hiring process.

Charisma – Who needs it?  You do!

We hear a lot, especially these days, when it comes to the qualities that are considered “must-haves” to be considered for a job interview or moving up the ladder from the job you have.  Almost any job or job interview, be it a top executive at a Fortune 500 Corporation or a frontline employee at a fast food restaurant, touches on the importance of having charisma, at least to some degree. It is part of the hiring process.

The list seems endless, but let’s looks at just a few of those characteristics:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Magnanimity
  • Humility 
  • Openness
  • Creativity
  • Fairness
  • Assertiveness
  • And of course, a sense of humor

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

What really makes that difference?  On a job interview and in the workplace, why do some people stand out and others seem to fade into the background?   What we are talking about is “CHARISMA”; that immediately recognizable quality that one senses, big time, when one meets someone who has it.  But for many of us, it seems intimidating at times and, all too often, out of reach.

But fear not, everyone can raise their charisma quotient for the job or the job interview.  You just need a few tips and understand how charisma plays a crucial role in the hiring process.  Here are just five that anyone can work on to become more influential, yes – more charismatic and make the hiring process work in your favor!

  1. Be aware of the Silent Messages you send.  Do you look people in the eye?  Do you have a firm hand shake?  Do you listen intently, or do you try to “multi-task” while someone is talking to you?  These all send messages you might not really intend to send.
  2. How persuasive are you?  More importantly, can you boil down even a complex idea to something everyone can understand?  Now, that’s a skill worth practicing.
  3. It’s simple, but can you articulate your message?  If you can’t explain it, you’re sunk.
  4. Can you adapt to the folks you are dealing with?  Can you treat people the way they want and need to be treated?
  5. What’s your vision?  Everything else aside, you have to have something worth sharing that you’re passionate about. If you don’t have anything to say, being charismatic doesn’t really matter does it?

How about you?  Do you boil down or boil over?  We all know people who are masters at making a “mountain out of a mole hill”; these folks are not charismatic by my definition. How about you? Do you consider yourself charismatic?  What qualities do you see in others who you feel are charismatic?  What can you do to turn up your charisma for the job interview that shifts the hiring process in your favor?

About Assessment Business Center
Dr. Tony Alessandra has a street-wise, college-smart perspective on business, having been raised in the housing projects of NYC to eventually realizing success as a graduate professor of marketing, entrepreneur, business author, and hall-of-fame keynote speaker. He earned a BBA from the Univ. of Notre Dame, an MBA from the Univ. of Connecticut and his PhD in marketing from Georgia State University. In addition to being president of Assessment Business Center, a company that offers online 360º assessments, Tony is also a founding partner in The Cyrano Group and Platinum Rule Group--companies which have successfully combined cutting-edge technology and proven psychology to give salespeople the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with hundreds of clients and prospects. Dr. Alessandra is a prolific author with 27 books translated into over 50 foreign language editions, including the newly revised, best selling The NEW Art of Managing People (Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 2008); Charisma (Warner Books, 1998); The Platinum Rule (Warner Books, 1996); Collaborative Selling (John Wiley & Sons, 1993); and Communicating at Work (Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1993). He is featured in over 50 audio/video programs and films, including Relationship Strategies (American Media); The Dynamics of Effective Listening (Nightingale-Conant); and Non-Manipulative Selling (Walt Disney). He is also the originator of the internationally-recognized behavioral style assessment tool - The Platinum Rule®. Recognized by Meetings & Conventions Magazine as "one of America's most electrifying speakers," Dr. Alessandra was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985. In 2009, he was inducted as one of the “Legends of the Speaking Profession,” in 2010 and 2011 he was selected as one of the Top 5 Marketing Speakers by, and in 2010 Tony was elected into the inaugural class of the Sales Hall of Fame. Tony's polished style, powerful message, and proven ability as a consummate business strategist consistently earn rave reviews and loyal clients. Contact information for Dr. Tony Alessandra: • Dr. Tony’s Products: • Keynote Speeches: Holli Catchpole: Phone: 1-760-603-8110 ● Email: • Corporate Training: Scott Zimmerman: Phone: 1-330-848-0444 x2 ● Email: • Cyrano CRM System: Scott Zimmerman: Phone: 1-330-848-0444 x2 ● Email:

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